We don’t stop saying Siri voice assistance is the main reason why “old” iPhone users will upgrade to the iPhone 4S. At the moment I don’t want to argue with you, as there are millions of iPhone owners and each of them has his own reason to buy it. The fact Siri is quite attractive and because of it Apple has good sales rates, we can’t deny. However, there are many users that aren’t able to get the new version of the iPhone, but they want to enjoy the joy coming by the way of Siri. For all those users, we have gladsome news—Apple is working on porting over Siri to the Apple iPhone 4.

Of course, there were several cases when hackers wanted to port the voice assistant to the iPhone 4, and they succeeded. But most of them are waiting for a jailbreak solution to the iPhone 4S before releasing their notes. Now it seems there is no need to ask hackers for hastening the jailbreak process, because according to JailBreaqkNation, Apple staff is currently testing a special iOS 5 version with Siri aboard.

If this is true, we’ll soon be able to get our hands on Siri without replacing our iPhone 4 smartphones. On the other hand I worry what will happen with Apple’s servers after iPhone 4 users will use Siri, because recently we were informed Apple servers are overloaded.