We have heard so many speculations about the next generation iPhone that head is spinning. No matter what we are expecting for, because all things are not in the best features, or in the power of hardware. I mean if you are waiting for the iPhone 5 with a larger screen, your dreams may not come true because iPhone’s Retina display has a unique technology and it is difficult to adjust screen size with the pixels’ distraction. This is a very famous provision and I don’t want to deep in it, but let’s see what Digitimes reports in this case.

They think the iPhone 5 will be packed with a 3.5-3.7-inch display, but having thinner bezel surrounding it the phone’s screen may seem bigger. Moreover, according to the same report the next iPhone’s back will be made of metal that is heavier than it is now, plus, it will not be easy to shatter. The report also claims the smartphone will be packed with an A5 dual-core processor and an 8MP camera.

However, we have what we have and if Apple decides to come up with a such iPhone, I wonder whether it will be able to compete with those “giants” that sport 4+-inch displays. Although, in other hand Apple always shows it can prove a respectable rate of sells with incremental upgrades. So if even it will become known Apple prepares larger screen and LTE connectivity for the iPhone 6 instead of the iPhone 5, it won’t affect on its popularity at all.