The fifth generation iPhone’s rumors are not different from other iPhones’ ones, as Apple likes to keep everything in secret. It was so with the white iPhone and with the iPhone 4 too. Such strategy makes geeks to invent different myths that “adds a fire to passion.” So the next rumor refers to the screen of the iPhone 5, but not its size—it looks like the smartphone will be packed with a curved glass display.

The information comes from Digitimes that claims a Taiwanese manufacturer had sold 200-300 glass-cutting machines to Cupertino. I guess you realize yourself Apple doesn’t buy such expensive equipment if it won’t have plans of curved glass displays. It’s another conversation whether they will be seen in the iPhone 5 or in something else, but as the most discussed topic is the specs of the upcoming Apple’s product, it becomes clear there could be changes in the traditional design of the iPhone.

If this rumor becomes true, the iPhone 5 can get arch enemies in face of the HTC Sensation and T-Mobile G2x that will be packed with curved glass displays too. Though I don’t like such screens, Apple knows something else- otherwise it would not have risked to change the phone’s design.

P.S. I tend to believe this rumor, as such deal we have seen earlier in the iPod Nano, you remember?