iPhone 3G is good enough with its awesome features, but there is also one more amazing information for all users of this phone. Arieso, a network management company, decided to compare the abovementioned phone with other popular devices to find out which one uses the most data.

The survey showed the iPhone 4 and Android-based smartphones use 250% more data when calling than the iPhone 3G does. More, if we compare the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3G, we can see that the first one is one of the most data-hungry devices with 44% more data calls, 41% more downloading data and 67% more time when it stays connected than iPhone 3G smartphone does.

In face of the Samsung Galaxy and the HTC Desire phones Android devices showed the highest amount of downlink and uplink data.

Honestly, I was surprised of the survey’s results, as I have never thought the iPhone would yield to the iPhone 3G in any aspect, but as we see an “older” devices could compete with the new ones.