When new rumors leak about the iPad 3, all we are skeptical about them. At this time everything looks like it, because the information I am going to introduce you is pleasant, but suspicious.

According to Hexus, the iPad 3 will be launched in March and will have a smaller dock connector, and 2048×1536 Retina Display as well. As for 30-pin connector, it will still be a 30-pin type, but a little bit smaller than what we now have. The source claims, the iPad 3 will come in the same size as the iPad 2 is. But unlike the current version, which display is in resolution of 1024×768 pixels, this one will have doubled resolution. Most likely, the tablet will be released in both black and white.

As we know LG and Sharp will be the companies supplying the displays for the Apple iPad 3, and maybe we’ll succeed and hear something by their way. However, the rumors are quite attractive and we’ll be glad to see the iPad 3 with such features, but Apple likes to keep everything in secret and it’s difficult to imagine we’ll know something until its official announcement.