Chinese smartphone market is very attractive due to the number of subscribers. This is why Apple is eager to launch its latest smartphone on this network. The iPhone 4S is already available for purchase in China via China Unicom, but China Telecom is the third biggest operator in the world, which offers CDMA network and where the CDMA version of the iPhone 4S will be released. Due to this deal Apple is predicted to sell around 40 million iPhone handsets in China in 2013.

ChinaDaily mentioned the CDMA version of the iPhone 4S will be launched via China Telecom in February. At the moment the carrier is kicking off “preparatory work” for launching the device in the country. For the Chinese carrier this is a great success as it’s been in negotiations with Apple since last year, but back then the parties didn’t come to an agreement and the deal was frozen.

Apple is the fourth biggest smartphone vendor in China after Nokia, Samsung and Huawei. So the release of the CDMA iPhone 4S in China will undoubtedly contribute to Apple’s popularity.

Nothing more to add, as neither the phone’s pricing, nor the deal details are disclosed.