By the end of the year all the world’s major companies sum up the results of the passing year, and bring out those results making them available to the public. The world’s largest marketplace eBay also has analyzed its sales results for 2010 and it came with a conclusion that will surely please the Apple: the iPhone came to be eBay’s  most popular and most shopped item, which beat up all the other tech items in general, including the iPad.

Barbie dolls, the Beatles albums, Hot Wheels toys and Military jackets has given way to the world famous iPhone. During the 12 months eBay sold 1.63 million units of the iPhone (all models), meanwhile the iPad, which took the fifth place of sales ranking, was about to hit the 600 thousand units result.

Surely this year Apple managed to attract much more attention on their products than ever before. I congratulate Apple on this occasion and wish it success in the upcoming 2011 :)