As the cold war and armament race continues in the field of smartphone competition and the leading companies are making their strategic moves like in a chess game, now it’s Apple’s turn. Several Japanese sources have revealed (big thanks to Google translate) Apple is thinking about equipping its iPhone 5 and iPad 3 devices with 4G LTE capability.

In particular, Nikkei Business has reported Apple is going to launch its LTE enable iPad 3 through a Japanese company NTT DoCoMo next summer, and its LTE iPhone 5 later that year in autumn. It is also reported Apple’s CEO EO Tim Cook has already met with the officials from NTT DoCoMo to discuss the operation. These all lets assuming the talks are not rumors, and there are firm grounds to believe this all going to happen as scheduled and described.

Needless to say, every season in the smartphone market can be characterized by some new special feature, which remarkably changes user experience. That feature currently is 4G LTE and it is not surprising the companies that disregard this fact are risking finding themselves some day on the margin of smartphone production world.